The connection between Social Media & SEO Marketing

What is the relationship between social media & SEO marketing? Even though they might both start with the letter “S,” they are different in the world of marketing. Around 2010 it was not believed as strongly as now that social media directly impacts search engine optimization results. Today in the world of eCommerce and online shopping, both technologies are now intimately linked.

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What’s the Deal Between Social Media & SEO Marketing?

Many online businesses and large companies have social media account, and it is often through these accounts that customers interact with their favorite businesses. You might wonder how, but many of these accounts end up asking questions. For example, going to a company’s Facebook page and checking the comment section on a post will yield many questions. Social media managers will often answer them directly or give them a link to the answers.


What’s the Deal Between Social Media & SEO Marketing?

Staying Ahead of the Shifting Trends

SEO marketing involves keywords, and social content that has been written to include the right amount of keywords can show up on a Google search page. Social media itself can be a search engine, and posts are often designed to appear as near the top as possible. Other than keywords, the content must also be engaging and retain views and clicks. Google is no longer affected only by keyword stuffing, but the user experience is becoming more important.

High engagement with your business’s social media page can also drive more users to visit your website, which will help your website rise in ranking. The profiles themselves can rank highly on Google Search if the SEO is done right. Finally, the share button is always going to boost views and traffic to your website.


According to Moz, Social media links are “backlinks” but don’t have the direct, rank-influencing impact that other types of links do. Although this means there is no direct connection between SEO & social media via backlinks. However, social media can influence the user’s search intent on the search engine that may indirectly affect the SEO rankings. 

What’s the Final Word?

Social media & SEO marketing complement each other and work together to boost your business’ reach. Doing SEO right will help your social media account appear more often, and proper social media management will unquestionably help make your SEO marketing campaign much easier, too.

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What’s the Deal Between Social Media & SEO Marketing?

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