15 Landing Page Best Practices to Improve Conversion Rates

A potent tool for generating leads, subscriptions, and sales is a landing page. After spending hours creating a page and money flowing into PPC advertisements and email marketing, you may get many views, but more customer development is needed.

You may either brush it off and say, “It happens,” or try to increase the landing page’s conversion rate. It’s time to update the website design, reevaluate the text, or add additional psychological hooks for customers if you’ve chosen to go for a higher rate.


Tips for improving landing page conversion


Pay attention to the importance of your website’s aesthetics; you only have around 50 milliseconds to make an impression on a new visitor. On the other hand, enhancing the design of your landing page might increase your conversion rate. And starting from the beginning is the most excellent approach to implementing beneficial improvements.

Make a framework for a landing page.

Let’s start with some encouraging news: building an effective landing page can be something other than genius-level creativity. The usage of a page structure that has shown its usefulness is crucial.

The following are some essential components that any landing page ought to have:

Putting all these pieces in the correct locations may need to be clarified. However, with website builders that provide free designs, anybody can create a great landing page.


Employ color psychology


Making a judgment regarding a product subconsciously takes 90 seconds. Interestingly, up to 90% of this evaluation is based only on color. Choosing the right color for your website is essential to enhance landing page conversion rates.

Utilizing colors that match the style of your company’s main website is a smart move since it makes visitors associate your landing page with your brand, which boosts their confidence in it.

Consider your product and the connection you want leads to having with it. People subconsciously associate colors like orange with joy, black with wealth, and blue with safety. See how TransferWise emphasizes dependability on its landing page by utilizing a dark blue background.


Add photos successfully


Images are more likely to increase the conversion rate of a landing page since most users primarily process information via visual aspects. Just be sure you put them to good use. What does it signify, though?

The photos on your landing page must comply with the following standards:

  • High-quality
  • Attention-grabbing
  • Relevant

And if the relevance issue needs additional clarification if the previous two points are more or less apparent, then it probably does too. Should we solely use photographs of our products or show people utilizing them? Any picture that highlights and supports the thesis it represents is significant.

HelloFresh employed professionally shot captivating, and timely images. Note how the illustration below supports their point about cooking being enjoyable, healthy, and straightforward.

Speaking of drawing attention, it is preferable to utilize original images rather than stock photography or candid product photographs wherever feasible. If using stock photographs is unavoidable, at least look for high-quality, hardly used ones.


Utilize unique infographics


Conversion rates are often seven times more significant for businesses employing bespoke visual content than those without. As well as increasing website traffic by 12% using infographics. Therefore, employing infographics increases client acquisition without raising your budget and aids in improving landing page conversion.

Fortunately, infographics can depict data, including arrays, ratings, procedures, and more. Here is an example of utilizing the platform to provide social proof from HubSpot.

Another benefit is that you don’t need to pay a designer to create infographics. Anyone may create personalized photos with the use of several tools.


Use quality video content


One of the fascinating sorts of material is video. Videos are lucrative, but more importantly: According to 80% of video marketers, their use of this material has increased sales. 52% of viewers watch a video all the way through, but visitors barely ever read a webpage’s content.

However, there are specific guidelines you need to follow if you want to use the video to increase conversion rates on your landing page. Keep it brief, first and foremost; if a video is longer than 20 minutes, just 25% of viewers will stick with it. Limiting a landing page video to between 30 and 60 seconds is advised by Vidyard, an online tool for organizations to generate video material for advertising.

Make sure the movie is optimized for various screen resolutions; you’ll need to play around with different size options. Maintain a regular aspect ratio, such as 16:9, to prevent distortion. Using an aspect ratio calculator to determine the ideal video size is simple and quick. This one has a guide sheet with standard sizes for other devices.

Finally, be cautious while using auto-play; there aren’t many things more aggravating than a video that just began playing. The less than two-minute video on the SharpSpring home page starts playing after a click, keeps the visitor interested, and offers a thorough explanation of the product.


Draw attention to your CTA button.


Any landing page must include a CTA button. Therefore you should make it as appealing, relevant, and straightforward as possible.

Here is just a quick summary of the key elements on the visual side:

Use a bold and contrasting color for your call-to-action button; make the button large enough to be seen; allow some space around the button; avoid overcrowding visitors with text or graphic components, and pick the best placement by paying attention to how the user will move their eyes.

With their CTA button, which is a bold orange color and located at the top of the page just below the headline and offer, WordStream hit the mark. Additionally, the organization employs subdued colors for other buttons and links and repeats the eye-catching CTA button towards the bottom of the page.


High-converting copywriting techniques for landing pages


Vigorous writing is still essential for boosting landing page conversion, even though website users than visual components often give the language less attention. The only way to submit a proposal to the customer is in writing. Making a good initial impression with the title of your website is the second objective.


Create a compelling headline


When someone enters your website, a strong title immediately grabs their attention. Despite what marketers would claim, there is no one-size-fits-all method for developing a headline. Each methodology should be evaluated, whether it involves utilizing numbers or the word “how to.”

A decent title for your landing page should, however, adhere to a few guidelines: it should tell visitors about the product you are selling, be concise, be relevant to the offer you are going to give them, represent their problem areas, and provide a solution.

With a headline that speaks to the customer’s needs, highlights the benefits of their offering, accurately describes the product, and is clear and succinct, Instapage got it right.


Learn about your audience


The secret to greater conversions is choosing the correct audience to target. However, many organizations lack specific information about their target market and restrict themselves to broad categories like “30-year-old women” or “SaaS companies.”

Determine what information your buyers need about your product and the emotions you want to evoke in your landing page’s visitors. Try to identify your customers to address the problem; our advice on developing a consumer profile will assist. If you understand your customers, you can address their issues and speak their language, which undermines the credibility of your proposition.

One of Edupath’s landing pages was directed toward parents of teenagers. The organization addressed the primary issues, including the necessity to get kids ready for college, the need to maintain control over the educational process, and the worry of losing positive connections with teenagers.


Make just one special offer


Remember that keeping your landing pages to one offer can improve your conversion rates. The average conversion rate for sites with one call to action is 13.5%, while the average for pages with five or more links is 10.5%.

If your landing page has two or more distinct CTAs, it is best to concentrate on the most crucial one or create additional landing pages to keep each one straightforward. Uber employs separate sites for drivers and consumers to hire the former and lure the latter.

Uber immediately offers a clear offer on both sites, even though they are distinct. Everyone can grasp the content of this website and the company’s suggestion.


Increase landing page conversions by using your body text


The landing page text should include the following vital information in addition to a compelling headline and a clear offer:

  • The problem your prospective consumer is experiencing.
  • The remedy for it.
  • The critical characteristics of your product.
  • The advantages of adopting it.

The fastest way to establish rapport and trust with your consumers is to be aware of their struggles and discuss them. It demonstrates your familiarity with them and your empathy and concern for them. You should emphasize the link between their issue and your solution and frame your offer as the answer to their problem to make it more evident.

Talking about features, provide more specific details regarding the goods you sell. What is it made of? How does it function? Please provide them with all the information they need to respond to your call to action. Show visitors how their circumstances will change and the benefits that your goods may provide. For instance, Square highlights the speed, data gathering, and cross-platform strategy of its offering.

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Make your writing coherent and skimmable


Although making your landing page lengthy may be tempting, doing so often has declining benefits. Once again, it’s unlikely that website visitors will read the whole text. Large blocks of text may even frighten customers away, which may lower your conversion rate. Unbounce claims that landing pages with 100 words or less convert more effectively than sites with more than 800 words.


Comparison of word count per page and conversion rate


However, consumers must get all the information necessary to choose, so consider how you do it clearly and straightforwardly. Use headings and bullet points to help readers scan the material fast while still understanding what you’re saying.

Make sure your writing is accessible and easy to understand by breaking up long phrases into shorter ones, swapping harsh terms with easier ones, and eliminating unnecessary details.

Just as Crazy Egg did on their landing page, keep your material brief and to the point. When a user clicks “Learn more,” they utilize a headline, subheading, and CTA, but they still provide all the details about the advantages of their product.

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Increase the value of your CTA


Especially if they are learning about the company offering the service, consumers often have a lot of reservations about paying for it. People tend to hesitate more when a thing is more complicated. Reduce this ambiguity by enhancing the value of your CTA.

Added benefits like the following may encourage a visitor to click on a CTA button:

Offers a money-back guarantee, a risk-free trial, extra services, and price reductions.

Look at how Credit Repair strengthens its CTA by providing accessible, 10-minute credit analyses to give value. On the one hand, this precaution offers the impression that a buyer has nothing to lose. On the other hand, customers could feel obligated to purchase the whole package after receiving a free service.


To increase your clickthrough rate, create scarcity


Things that are more difficult to get end up becoming more desired. It is a fundamental aspect of human psychology that you may leverage to increase the conversion rate of your landing page. Without making a limited run of your goods, there are many other methods to imply scarcity. The most straightforward tips are as follows:

Make a limited special offer for the first 10 clients, including a countdown timer to the conclusion of the deal, and alert visitors that there is a limited supply of the goods.

Udemy often employs scarcity in its marketing. Pay attention to how they stress on their home page that the deal is only valid for a short time.

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Increase conversion on landing pages by using social proof


Whether we like it or not, we are social creatures, and companies can take advantage of this by leveraging social proof. The average landing page conversion rate is 12.5% when there are reviews, ratings, or other forms of social proof; when there are none, it is just 11.4%.

Reviews, customer ratings, social media likes, endorsements from influencers, and even case studies are examples of social proof in action. Zendesk has discovered a method to integrate social media into their landing page; after displaying the logos of some of their customers, it invites visitors to learn more and links them to a page with a collection of case studies on businesses utilizing their software.


Stay focused


Every one of us has a short attention span. Therefore, it’s essential to prevent visitor distraction from pointless activities and direct their focus toward activities that increase conversions.

Too many features, such as navigation bars, pointless links, banners, and oversized subscription forms, may be seen on many landing pages. Most of the time, despite drawing the visitor’s attention, none of these elements prompt them to click the CTA button. The conversion rate decreases as a consequence.


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A potent tool for generating leads, subscriptions, and sales is a landing page. After spending hours creating a page and money...

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