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Digital Maxima Agency is the Website design and development company for small businesses especially ecommerce businesses to help them make digitally visible in cost effective packages.


Web Design & Development. Streamlined, Fast & User-friendly Websites on an affordable budget.

In order to grab your customers attention, it is a wise choice to hire Digital maxima agency because we have best ecommerce website design and development services in great packages for small businesses and companies. A website design is face of company 

Build your next website with the award-winning Utah website design company.

Web Design & Development Process


Purpose, Goals, and Target Audience:
We start with a clear understanding of your future website’s purpose, the main objectives you wish to achieve, and the target audience you want to attract to your site.


Sitemap and Wireframe Creation
The web strategist creates the draft of the website's workflow to illustrate the basic outlook and functionality.


Page Layouts, Review, and Approval Cycle
Next, we choose a design that goes with your business genre. The customer and target audience are kept in mind while you work on a design. The client will review the layout and provide us with feedback


The logic build-up
Usually, we design the home page first, and then all sub-pages are added. According to the website sitemap, the website hierarchy is organized. Frameworks and CMS are implemented to make sure that the server can handle the installation and set-up smoothly.

Content Writing & Assembly

Putting ideas into practicality
We produce magnetic content that leads as the kingmaker in your sales funnel, increases brand awareness, and attracts new website visitors with relevant and valuable storytelling. The website content is optimized based on the best SEO standings.

Testing & Launch

Final review & launch
Testing is probably the most routine part of the website development process. Every single link is tested to make sure that there are no broken ones among them. All the contact forms and scripts are checked. The spell-checking software is used to find possible typos as well. After 100% debugging, the website is launched.


An under-performing website design can leave your business in the dust. Not to mention all the waste. Your website should be helping your organization build momentum; making your efforts easier and creating new opportunities.

We started as a Utah website design company focusing in the areas of Salt Lake City, Provo, and Ogden. With time we have grown to provide website design and development services in the entire USA.


If your website isn’t bringing you conversions, there are changes to be made to your web design and web strategy. Many online factors contribute towards a better online brand, which leads to positive ROI, and this is possible through a reputable digital presence, that the way in this category.

Mobile Optimization – Almost half of the conversions these days come through mobile device sources; hence mobile optimization and the responsivity of the website are a must. Don’t worry, we take care of that. Your business especially small companies need more better website design with effective development for engaging more customers in cost effective packages.

SEO – A website without search engine optimization is like a house structure without foundation. Once a site is completed, it is critical to building your SEO rankings to bring organic traffic to the website. A good SEO strategy brings relevant prospects to the websites. Our agency can help your company’s ecommerce website better ranking without downgrading the website design.

Conversion optimization – By building a compelling keyword strategy, maintaining a high degree of relevance between ads and corresponding landing pages, and by testing the landing page design from different perspectives, we obtain a successful conversion optimization.

We started as a Utah website design company focusing in the areas of Salt Lake City, Provo, and Ogden. With time we have grown to provide website design and development services in the entire USA.

Design without sense is just colors spread over the screen. We believe that design should speak the message and purpose of the website; otherwise, the goal will never be achieved.

We have been providing Website Design Services in Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, and Saint George area for many years now. Although we serve clients outside of Utah, the local state clients get the privilege to work closely and with more direct face to face communication.

Allow us to prove our web design worth to you. Request a consultation with the best Utah website design firm.

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WEB DESIGN FAQ's for companies

Well, our prices depend on many factors. It would be impossible to say it out loud without hearing your requirements. Avoid any web developer who can answer this question without a long discussion. Our basic websites start at $750 and will comprise limited web pages. Talk to our specialist to know more about what's included in a $750 package. 

We don't do domain registration, but we provide hosting services at an additional cost. We would also love to assist in purchasing the domain and hosting if clients want to do it independently.

A responsive website design is readable, viewable perfectly on all devices and platforms, including PC desktops, retina displays, tablet screens, and mobile phone screens.

Yes. That's what we do! We help make you look like the leader in your industry. Give us your requirements, and we have experienced experts to help you give a new professional look that floats your boat.

Absolutely, yes. Our goal is to satisfy you, and your input is vital to us. You can give us your design ideas and provide options while we work on the theme at the beginning of the project. 

Website design and development project time can vary depending upon the functionalities required. However, we work our best to finish a basic featured website with ten web pages and under in less than two weeks. 

The best ways are to reach us through email or text. We will respond to all the emails as soon as we can. Our goal is to answer back within a few hours. 

We can! We provide ongoing support for many of our clients. Our WordPress Support Packages start at $200 a month. If you purchase one of our SEO packages, wordpress maintenance comes free of cost with it. See SEO packages here.

Yes. You will be receiving weekly and monthly reports on SEO, Keyword Tracking, Social Media progress, and Website Analytics.

Yes, of course, Digital Maxima Agency has been serving small businesses and ecommerce companies by developing engaging and responsive websites by pouring best Website Design Design and development skills in cost effective packages.

So, what is it that professional web development companies offer? With the tools and development kits available on the web, anyone with little or no knowledge about web development could create a website and have it up and running in minutes. Marketing agencies like Digital Maxima provide best-in-class web development solutions, adopting the latest development tools and strategies to ensure that the look and feel of your website not only attract more visitors but also allures them to pay a visit often. Our web strategy is entirely focused on your goals and how you can make more money. 

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