9 best free SEO Tools for 2023

Who doesn’t want to hear about the 9 Best Free SEO Tools you could use in 2023? We’re pretty sure, NOBODY!

Let’s begin.

SEO is a complex process, and there are developments from Google in this ranking process daily. These developments may be related to mobile responsive websites, social media optimization, social media engagement, intelligent device SEO, etc.

9 Free SEO tools that can make your complicated SEO process into an easy one.

SEO is like a coconut which is complicated from the outside while soft from the inside. As a marketer or SEO specialist, you need to use these 9 free SEO tools every day and implement the basic strategies of traffic building.

1) Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere help save the time one spends on copying the data from one website to another. It comes with a Chrome/Firefox, which makes it simple to navigate. Keywords Everywhere will help you calculate the monthly search volume, CPC, and competition data of keywords you are searching for. It will give you all the related keywords in keyword metrics format. When you type any specific keyword for a web page, it suggests what people look for in the specified keyword category. This saves a lot of time for the SEO keyword planner.

2) UberSuggest

This feature not only provides keywords data but also suggest detail about website SEO. You can order an SEO audit, find content ideas, look up competitor websites, and a lot more. A certain number of checks are free using UberSuggest. Later you have to create an account within the tool to use it further. Uber suggests allows you to get insight into the strategies working for the others in your market so you can make changes and grow your traffic.

3) Counting Characters

It is another helpful SEO tool that limits Meta titles and Meta descriptions for a certain webpage. Usually, a meta title cannot be more than 70 characters, and a meta description is not more than 150 characters, but it is wrong. Meta title and Meta description do not count characters. Instead, they count pixels of the characters, as the pixels of ‘i’ are lowest; therefore, if the text includes more ‘I,’ the more characters can be included. A little tricky, but that’s how it is. Counting Characters helps you get those pixel counts and gives you a very accurate length of your metadata.

4) Answer The Public

Answer The Public is beneficial in generating ideas to create fresh content. It is challenging to create new and fresh content regularly. Bloggers, content writers, social media marketers get into trouble regarding content fitting all the time.  Answer the public is an excellent tool for such busy professionals.

5) Moz bar

Moz Bar tool is probably one of the most frequently used free SEO tools that give instant and critical information on the competitiveness of any SEO query. The Moz bar result page provides a valuable summary of the page stats. It provides information about page authority and domain authority. If you are an SEO professional looking for instant metrics while viewing any page or SERP, Mox Bar is your go-to tool. It comes with a browser extension and is extremely easy to install.

6) SEMrush

SEMRush is Moz’s biggest competitor and probably the most popular tool amongst digital marketing agencies. SEMrush is an online visibility platform and helps uncover millions of national and local keywords. It can analyze any domain’s backlink profile. It is also used to run technical SEO audits and SERP results daily. As an individual, you can use SEMrush to evaluate your website and fix your issues.

7) WooRank

Woorank is a website analyzer tool that checks your website’s technical standings. WooRank scans the website from an SEO point of view and displays the core web vitals for you to evaluate. WooRank browses and analyzes most major and minor SEO errors on the website. All meta tags, domain issues, backlink count, and keyword rank data can be checked on Woorank with a single click. It’s a free SEO tool, and you can use this tool without signing up. The primary services provided by WooRank are competitive SEO analysis, keyword research/tracking, technical website audits, instant website reviews, and white-label reports.

8) Browseo

Browseo is a web app that allows you to view any webpage without distractions caused by styles. After you enter your domain link, Browseo highlights parts of a page that are relevant to SEO. Browseo output window is focused on pure HTML, and this is a similar view that search engines see the website or a webpage. Isn’t that cool. You can quickly watch the relevance of specific search keys and the page structure on your web pages.  Browseo shows us the number of words on the web page, headings, internal and external links and their count, meta information, meta description, and server response code.

9) Broken link Checker

A broken link is a bad sign for SEO. A broken link checker is a tool that crawls through your webpage and looks for broken links. Using the Broken Link Checker tool, the web developer, content writer, or web designer can easily find out the entire list of broken links on a website. It is a handy extension that quickly checks whether all the links are working on the page or not.

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