Dive Into Reading The Latest Digital Marketing News

 Latest Digital Marketing News – Digital marketing is continually growing, as it has been throughout the marketing dive, with new developments, trends, enhancements, and the advent of AI coming every month. A new year ushers in a slew of recent trends and improvements. We’ve compiled a list of three major digital marketing news from January 2022:

Updates To Search Marketing


Search marketing is related to all activities involving search engines., It would be organic as well as paid search marketing.

  • Page Experiences Will Be a Ranking Factor on Desktop:

Google will begin adding page experience ranking factors to desktop search in February 2022 and continue through March 2022.

  • Google unveils a new approach for blocking advertising cookies:

Google unveiled its future strategy for eliminating advertising cookies on January 26. Advertisement cookies are files that allow companies to follow Internet users, evaluate their behavior, and preserve their browsing data to deliver them customized advertising.

Landing Page Quality

Technology Updates In Marketing


With the introduction of WordPress 5.9 on January 25, the world’s most renowned open-source CMS received a significant update. Advanced design tools will be included in this new version, allowing you to build bespoke designs for your theme and format them according to your preferences.

  • You can use your Android phone as a car key:

Google will convert your smartphone into a car key with Android 12: As you can see on the Google blog, select Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones may now be used to lock, unlock, and start setting BMW vehicles using the digital car key.

  • With AI Builder, you can extract sentiment from the text:

AI Builder, a Microsoft Power Platform, is a simple solution for businesses to gather consumer feedback from many sources such as emails, forums, and Twitter. Intelligent automation can help since it can extract sentiment from numerous sources and analyze consumer feedback more efficiently.

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Updates On Social Media


Social media is an ever-evolving subject. Every day multiple changes take place. Here are a few latest trends in discussion.

  • TikTok is experimenting with a new ‘Repost’ button to test its variation of the Retweet:

TikTok is always attempting to come up with fresh content and features. The most recent addition is a video reposting tool under beta testing. The goal is to rebroadcast a video without providing your commentary, just like retweeting on Twitter.

  • Meta is expected to launch an NFT marketplace:

According to reports, Meta is preparing to join the NFT sector. It is a sensible plan for the group’s social networks and a step closer to the metaverse. As per the Financial Times, Mark Zuckerberg’s company agreed to introduce Facebook and Instagram users to generate, purchase, and sell NFTs.

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Dive Into Reading The Latest Digital Marketing News

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