Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Social Media Marketing For Restaurants


There are now over 3.48 billion social media users – and that number is always growing. If you’re looking for a way to reach a broader audience, then knowing how to use social media for your restaurant is essential to growing your customer opportunities.

Restaurants make a daily routine of regular social media posts. About 63% of restaurants use social media to help their brand advertise. It’s no small job to catch the interest of prospective guests, and while management of social media can sound daunting to your already overloaded calendar, fast and simple software will help you get the message out.

Improves Trust and Loyalty

Customers want to know that they can trust that they will be consistent in their service and food quality. Social media pages are a great way for transparency to be established. In your restaurant, guests should always be encouraged to leave reviews and post photos of their experience.

Brand Advocacy

If you aren’t familiar with ‘Foodstagramming’, you should get acquainted with it. Social Media Today stated that “food is the most photographed subject on Instagram”. There is no better way to build brand advocacy than to have customers post pictures of their entrees and generate buzz around your restaurant.

Staying Connected with Guests

Communicating with clients is one of the most important reasons that a restaurant should have social media accounts. Social media enables you to keep in touch with your customers and build a personal connection. People spend about 153 minutes a day on social media, which ensures you can try to meet them every day for two and a half hours.


Billboards, advertisements, and radio spots are costly forms of publicity. In rural areas, monthly fees can range from $250 to more than 15 K in bigger cities. Unless you choose to run paid ads that are relatively cheaper than other forms of advertising, social media is free. Many social media planning tools provide free feature options, so you can schedule posts in advance on your preferred platform or platforms, saving you on hourly wage costs.

Provides Guests with Restaurant Updates

If you are new at Social Media Marketing for your restaurant, it may be better to proceed slowly. Select one or two channels for social media and work on creating them. Once you have those made, one of the quickest ways to keep visitors updated about your restaurant is through Social media. Keep up to date with updates on new food offerings, specials, holiday hours, holidays, etc. on the social media accounts. If social media is new to your restaurant, it may be better to proceed slowly. Choose one or two social media platforms and focus on building those. Once you have those established, you can move on to creating other accounts.

For All Social Media Platforms

Enter hot trends, celebrate food holidays, run competitions and prizes, make social posting a regular activity, share your menu, update the day’s specials, and go backstage. Note that the most important aspect is to connect with your subscribers, no matter what social media sites you choose! Restaurant social media helps clients to learn about your restaurant, but so does your website. To learn more, check out our blog on online marketing restaurants.


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