Facebook Ad Optimization Hacks for Small Businesses

Facebook aims to provide the content that its customers would most appreciate and find most appropriate. Hence we see a considerable amount reduction in organic reach for Facebook posts. Some marketers also say it is as small as dead. This reduced reach presents a specific problem for small businesses. They need to spend a massive chunk of money on ads to meet their sales and lead requirements. Here are some most demanded Facebook Ad Optimization Hacks for small businesses that will increase your campaign efficiency and ROAS (Return on ad spent).


The first step in building a successful ad campaign on Facebook Ad optimization is installing the Facebook pixel on your website. If you are running ads without the pixel, you have no idea what’s working and what’s not. 

The Facebook pixel helps track actions taken on your website to learn more about your customers and the people engaging with your business, and then optimize your ad campaigns to reach the right people. By categorizing your current audience, you can retarget them with a different offer. This hot traffic has more chances of converting than first-time visitors.


The next Facebook Ad optimization hack is; be sure to select an ad delivery optimization that matches your business goals, such as conversions or landing page views. In the very beginning, you should know what your bullseye is. Don’t run in the dark and play the guessing game. 

The Facebook algorithm will look for people who are most likely to take your desired action, such as making a purchase. Optimizing your campaigns around clicks may not deliver the results you’re looking for, such as online sales, in-store visits, or sign-ups, because when you optimize for link clicks, you’re telling Facebook that you are looking to reach people who are more likely to click on your ad.


Your ad placement has a significant effect on advertisement prices when advertising on Facebook. Go ahead and refine your campaigns accordingly once you have found your top-performing ad placements: Improve your bids on the top-performing ad placements. Only remove this from your ad set if an ad placement performs against all expectations.


Many Facebook advertisers make the error of checking many ad items at once. To be honest with your experiment findings, you need to obtain at least 150 conversions per variation before making any observations. It is still better if you can delay until you have 300 or 500 conversions. 

In some scenarios, it is tough to wait too long when dealing with small promotional budgets. Patience is the key here. Even if you have a smaller ad spent budget, divide that and test your variations even at a smaller budget before scaling your campaign.


The first selection you’ll have to make when you start up a new Facebook ad campaign is deciding the campaign’s objective. The campaign’s goal tells Facebook your advertising campaign’s end goal and lets its algorithms refine the ad distribution for the best performance. So, you’re asking Facebook how to optimize your ad campaign automatically. During the campaign setup process, it is essential that you choose the best Facebook advertising objective to decide the distribution and cost-per-result of your advertisements.

Let us know if you need any additional help with the Facebook PPC advertisement. Our experts will take care of you. 

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Facebook Ad Optimization Hacks For Small Businesses

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