Google March 2022 Update

A Google March 2022 update kicked out the month with a bang, producing wide ranking changes in Google search results across many businesses.

We are noticing many SERPs changes across practically every industry on March 1, 2022, which signals that Google may be releasing the first major upgrade of the year. After a relatively quiet six weeks since an unverified Google upgrade on January 17, 2022. We’re seeing a lot of activity on Twitter, with people reporting ranking interruptions and significant changes in site traffic in the last 24 hours.

The most recent updates from SERP change tools SEMrush Sensor and Mozcast do not yet represent the amount of internet talk or the frequency of fluctuations we are experiencing among our clients at Safari Digital.

24 March 2022 update: The Google Product Reviews Algorithm Update for March 2022 reveal today. It’s not a Core Upgrade, and we don’t have enough information to predict when the next significant update will arrive.


Here’s what the tools have to say:


Semrush Sensor

Volatility refers to the fluctuation in a website’s ranking in Google’s search results. SERP volatility is used in the SEO sector to refer to the Search Engine Rank Page (SERP). Whenever Google makes an algorithm modification, you’ll notice a shift in your website’s keyword ranking.

Daily, the sensor calculates SERP volatility on a scale of 0-10 to determine how much overall modification occurs.

If you have a high score, it shows that your rankings are in flux, and you may lose or gain positions. Your ranks are more likely to stay constant if you have a low score.

Over the last seven days, the Semrush sensor has shown greater volatility, with a peak.


google march 2022 update


MozCast is a weather forecast that shows the Google algorithm’s volatility over the previous day (or see the 90-day history below). The weather became hotter and stormier, and Google’s ranks shifted accordingly.

The MozCast has been introduced as the newest technique to assist everyone online. It’s an SEO trend-based analyzer that handles technical difficulties and upgrades on behalf of the search engine. It is a free and well-known tool for Google Algorithms, with a clever technique doing it. It’s an experiment in which the algorithms track changes in weather patterns. Because the differences in these codes are so regular and widespread, what we perceive is not usually the only thing that changes.

Hence, Mozcast is a tool that helps you keep track of these modifications. Weather changes will be used to indicate day-to-day changes in these updates. The weather tracker on Google is displayed by Moz using the same technology. It has aided in developing many trends and will continue to assist digital marketers on their journey.


google march 2022 update

When did the volatility begin?

As seen from the above SERP tracking charts, SERP volatility has been high for a little over a week.

At this time, the most current Google march 2022 update on potential updates is the Google Page Experience Update for Desktop, which began rolling out on 22, February. According to the graphs above, a higher level of volatility began around that period.

Google Page Experience Update – Desktop rolling out


According to Google, The page experience improvement has begun and is now rolled out to desktop search results. Now it’s time to evaluate the results.

On February 22, the update began rolling out on the desktop, making it a nine-day deployment that ended on March 3 or would finish by the end of March 2022.


Google’s March 2022 update for Android and more is out – but is it worth updating? | TechRadar


Page Experience Update Criteria

Many of the ranking elements in Google’s page experience upgrade for desktop search are the same as those in the algorithm that launched on the mobile search last year.

Ranking factors for desktop page experience include Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID, and CLS), HTTPS, mobile-friendliness, no intrusive interstitials, and many other on-page metrics.

This update will continue to roll out for almost the next 4-5 weeks. SERP fluctuations are shown and associated with the update. However, given how minor and gradual the Google Page Experience Update was when it first began rolling out in June of last year so, we assume there is something else.


When will the next Google core update be available?

To raise the quality of search results, Google releases many changes daily. Most updates are not noticeable, but in the last 18 months, some updates have been noticed across many businesses and have certainly increased.

SERP results have historically been significantly less volatile than in the last 18 months.

Every year, Google announces two or three major algorithm improvements known as Core Updates or Broad Core Updates. Update history during the last two and a half years:

Core Update – September 24th, 2019


Core Update – January 13th, 2020


Core Update – May 4th, 2020


Core Update – December 3rd, 2020


Broad Core Algorithm Update – June 2nd, 2021


Core Update – July 1st, 2021


General Core Update – November 17th, 2021

The average time between Google Core Updates is (130-days)

The average time between Google Core Updates (111.5-days)

Exclusion of Outliers

Excluding June/July 2021 updates, the average duration is 151 days.


The time since the last update

105 days from November 17th, 2021, to March 2nd, 2022


The expected release date of the following Google core update

Between March 9th and March 27th, 2022



It is not a core upgrade based on what we see in the tools and what we hear online. It appears to be the first rumblings of a massive update released between March 9th and March 27th, 2022. Of course, this is only a guess; Google will release a core update whenever it has enough data and information to make improvements that would improve consumers’ SERP experience.

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Google March 2022 Update

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