How Social Media helps your SEO Strategy

Social Media Helps Your SEO Campaign in what manner?


Social media helps your SEO game in what way? If yes, how and when? Although your social media activity is not a ranking factor for Google’s search algorithms, it does influence your SEO performance and your page rankings in indirect ways. Here is how social media engagement can boost your SEO:

Google Indexes Social Media Content

Content creation and dissemination are the backbones of your SEO efforts to achieve better Google rankings. High-quality social media content can make a strategic difference here. When Google’s search engine spiders crawl through your medial social posts and index them, your SEO campaign benefits from it.

Google treats good quality social media content very favorably, which means this content, when linked to your website, can get your website content indexed faster.

For example, if one of your blog posts on Facebook or LinkedIn receives strong reader attention and engagement, it will benefit your web page rankings if the same content links to your website. Google spiders will identify such content quickly because of social influence.

Can Social Media Help Your SEO Campaign?

Google Values Online Content that has Authority

Google has often made it clear to website owners, and managers on how authoritative is your content will be a key ranking factor for the search engine. In Google’s eyes, the higher is the Authority of your online content, the more valuable it may be for Google search users.

The Authority of your website or blog content will continue to grow over time as you gain more high-quality inbound links and engagement from your target audience. When your website content goes viral through social media or receives very high social engagement as well as backlinks, the Google search algorithm views it as an affirmative vote or endorsement for your content’s online Authority.

Social Networking Provides Insights into What Real Content People Want

If you solely focus on the technical side of SEO, you can expect to improve your page rankings on Google only up to a point. At the end of the day, Google attaches value to the content that receives a high number of favorable reviews and ratings from people, or which attracts people to comment on the content or share it with others.

With these signals, Google gets the pulse of the real people who interact with your content. Through social media, you will have a better understanding of what real people want to read or what kind of content they will engage with. Social Media influence will indirectly sharpen your SEO campaign and help you create winning content that ranks on top in Google Search.



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How Social Media Helps Your SEO Strategy

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