How to Create Backlinks for your Website?

Backlinking is the heart of SEO marketing. If you want your website to start ranking in the search engine, you should know how to create backlinks for your website. But do you know how to create backlinks for your website?  Because no one will be kind enough to search your domain to give you a backlink out of courtesy. Backlinks also help to recognize your website in the top searches and get your customers to choose you. Backlinks are indicators that tell Google bots about the authority of your website. 

Competitor’s backlinks

There are three great strategies to do this. The first is to find their super fans that are consistently linked to their articles. They might be interested in your content, too, since they are your competitor’s super fans. You can use the link intersect tool to identify these super fans. The second strategy is to find the power linkers.  You can also use the strategy of analyzing your competitor’s latest backlink using tools like Ubersuggest.

From “Skyscraper” content

Websites like Entrepreneur and Ahrefs will help you in building backlinks using skyscraper content. Enter the keyword on the Google search bar. Open the first link, and now you can create relevant comments on these blogs. 

From outdated sources

You have to find a relevant industry that may have stopped producing the desired product or moved to a new URL. It will help if those sites link to the outdated URL. Then reach out to the people who are still linked to that site and request them for backlinks. It’s a little cumbersome job but worth it. 

Guest Posting

You have to find relevant blogs in your niche to reach out to their owners who are willing to accept guest posts. Offer them to write useful content for their website without any cost. The only compensation would be a link that will direct you to your website. Guest posting on websites with a higher domain authority is better than to the lower domain authority. Google considers websites with higher DA as more superior in terms of SEO juice.

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