How To Improve The Conversion Rate Of A Landing Page By 5%?

Are you getting lesser conversions despite attracting tons of traffic through paid campaigns? You need to improve the quality of the landing page by tailoring it to the needs/wants of your target audience. It requires a holistic approach. This blog will explain to you the factors needed to increase the landing page’s conversion rate by at least 5%.

If you want to discover the step-by-step approach to improving the conversion rate of a landing page, below are the details:

Social proof

Social proof is crucial to improving the conversion rate of a landing page. For example, you want the visitor to make a buying decision after landing on the page. He will feel much less reluctant if real people endorse your product/service.

People trust other people. Especially in the online world, the only way to judge the credibility of a service provider is from previous clients’ feedback. Without social proof, a visitor is unlikely to click the call to action button. Also, ensure that the reviews on your page are not fake.

Target audience

The focus of your landing page should be your target audience. You need to target its pain points to grab attention. It would be best to highlight how your product or service helps them. 

Make things simple for your target audience. Don’t let them get lost in a sea of unnecessary information. You must know what can engage your audience and trigger a response. It improves the conversion rate on a landing page.

Engaging copy

The text on your landing page plays a significant role in converting the audience. If there is too much text on the page, it confuses the audience. The visitors are more likely to bounce off the page without clicking the call to action button.

Make sure that there are no unnecessary details on your landing page. Please keep it simple and precise. Highlight the problem and present the solution in simple terms.

It would be best if you also focused on the headlines. The majority of the audience only scans the headlines. These headlines must highlight the value you offer. They should trigger the emotions of the target audience. It significantly helps decision-making, and a visitor may buy your services.


Addressing buyer fears on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.


Deliver value

You need to have a unique landing page for each paid campaign. It must serve the needs of a specific audience. The conversion rate will never improve if you copy/paste the landing pages with minor changes.

Test different landing pages

Testing different landing pages is an effective technique to improve the conversion rate. It helps you understand what’s working for you. Without a/b testing, you can never discover how to make your offer more attractive. 

In a/b testing, don’t be shy to play with the contents of the landing page. Change the headlines and edit the call to action button. Also, make changes to the color theme of the page. You can also change the placement of different elements on the landing page.

After the campaign, you must analyze the results in detail. Understanding which changes led to better conversions and which produced the opposite results is essential. Using this information, you can improve the final version of your landing page.

Add videos

Video content on a landing page can boost the conversion rate. It helps catch the attention of your audience. You can use this opportunity to state your offer. Explain briefly how your product or service can make life easier for your audience.

Targeted advertisement

Targeting the right audience in your ads is vital for improving the conversion rate of a landing page. The conversion rate will suffer if you display your ads to an irrelevant audience. Such an audience will not resonate with your offer and bounce off after landing on the page.

However, when you target an audience whose interests match your offer, you are bound to achieve better results. 

Retargetting is also an effective way to boost the conversion rate. Suppose a person lands on the page and takes a few actions. But then it leaves without completing the process. 

He may have decided to make the transaction another day and then forgotten about it altogether. You may achieve a better conversion rate when you display your ad to such an audience.

Page loading speed

Page loading speed impacts the conversion rate of a landing page. The online audience doesn’t have enough patience. If the page takes considerable time to load, it dampens the trust of your audience. It will leave without any interaction.

Generally, the size of images on a page reduces its speed. The best option is to upload the photos after reducing their sizing through an online app.


Mobile-friendliness of a landing page is essential to have a better conversion rate. The majority of the audience interacts through a cell phone. You will lose business opportunities if the page is not optimized for the mobile phone.


61 percent of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from mobile-friendly sites


The ideal page layout for a cellphone differs from that of a PC. So, ensure that no part of your offer gets obscured on the mobile phone. Also, make it easier for cell phone users to sign up. You must not ask unnecessary questions and make things complicated.  

A single call-to-action button

The call to action button is the single most crucial aspect of your landing page. It needs to be clear, distinct, visually appealing, and persuasive. It must push the reader into taking the desired action. Without an attractive call to action, you cannot improve the conversion rate of a landing page.

The call to action button needs to stand out from the rest of the content on your page. Its color should be distinct from the theme color of the page. It must catch the attention of the audience. Also, the textual part must appeal to the emotions of the reader. It helps in conversions.

You can do a/b testing with the call to action. You can change the text, color, and button shape. The results of the paid campaigns will help you identify the most suitable call to action.

There must only be a single call to action button on a landing page. Multiple call-to-action buttons confuse the visitors, and they may fail to make a decision.

Live chat on the landing page

The option of live chat on a landing page removes barriers to communication. The audience may want to ask a few questions before purchasing your deal. However, it may feel reluctant to engage in a direct call.

The chat option allows the visitors to get answers to their queries in a comfortable way. It makes decision-making relatively easy. Resultantly, you may have a better conversion rate on the landing page.

In the end, the above elements are crucial in improving the landing page conversion rate. Before running a paid campaign for your product or service, you must consider them. It can help you achieve a better ROI.

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How to improve the conversion rate of a landing page by 5%?

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