How to Make a Website for your Business?

Beginners in digital marketing often wonder how to make a website for themselves or their business? Let’s take you through it step by step.

A website is a necessary element of a successful business. We live in an era where your business does not exist if you don’t have a website.  A website allows customers to find you and become familiar with your business offerings, even if your business transactions are not conducted online. Create a website for your business with the following steps:

Registering a Domain

Start the creation of your website by registering a domain. Choose a name for your business that can be tied to a unique URL. Register your name with a domain registrar. Some highly-rated registrars include

You can renew your domain once a year. Some domain registrars also provide hosting and other web services.

Website Hosting

A hosting service provides the web space for your site and keeps it running. When choosing a host, you will need to consider pricing, bandwidth, operating system compatibility, uptime, and security reliability. Consider your current needs as well as your potential future needs.

Hosting providers also offer related services. Make sure to choose one that allows you access to site statistics to measure your website’s success as you implement your content strategy.

If you need web hosting, Bluehost, HostGator, Hostinger, Inmotion, Hostwinds, Dreamhost, GreenGeeks and GoDaddy are some of the popular hosting companies to look into. Best web hosting service of 2020

Content Strategy

Content strategy is the plan you will use to create the content you will post to your website. A successful content strategy will maximize your online presence. Start with a mission statement and goals. Does your business exist to provide information, offer a service, or sell a product? What do you want to provide your audience? What do they want?

Consider who your competitors are. Perform competitor analysis to help familiarize yourself with how your potential customers think and speak about the subject at hand. Looking at the content your competitors use and studying its success (or lack of success) can give you a competitive edge when planning your online content.

Plan content only based on what your audience will find useful and timely, and use a consistent style and voice with the media you post to your site.



Site Development

Consider hiring a web developer for your site if you are new to website creation. If you use your site to sell products or collect information on your customers through contact forms, you will need specific elements built-in. A web developer will design and write the code necessary for your site. This includes the overall architecture of the different pages your users will navigate on your site and each page’s layout. After it is built, tested, and uploaded, it will need to be maintained. Some business owners prefer to maintain their sites themselves, while others will continue working with developers for necessary updates.

Website SEO

After your website is built, you will need to optimize it for searchability. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves choosing titles, descriptions, and keyword tags that help your site rank higher in search engines, creating more visibility for your site and your business. Consider what modifications your site will need to make it more accessible to web crawlers, more easily navigated, and more closely targeted to what potential customers will search for on Google.

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how to make a website for your business

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