How to Optimize Anchor Text And Why It Matters

When you want to insert hyperlinks in your articles to direct your readers somewhere, you have to make sure your anchor text is optimized. Doing it wrong can lower your rankings significantly. Here is how to optimize anchor text and why it matters.

Want to Optimize Anchor Text? Here is How

Do not over-optimize. If you keep using the same keyword as your link anchor text for different pages, Google will know. More likely than not, your website will be severely penalized, and you will not find it at the top of the search rankings.

Avoid websites with a bad reputation. If you link to a site that often tries to game the system, chances are you can get penalized—link to a website you trust instead. You might gain fewer visits but rank higher than spam websites.

Good Anchor Text Practices

Put anchor text in the right spot. Always ensure visitors to the site easily spot your anchor text. Make the text have a different color or underline them. As long as you can direct attention to the area around it, you will be fine.

Keep the text relevant. Do not link to a website using words that do not match the target link. For example, “dog food brands” should always link to a list of dog food brands. If the text is wrong, your rankings might plummet. The proper text will help you rank higher than competitors.

Focus on proper distribution. Do not use the same types of anchor text. Try to keep things different and distribute them properly. That way, your website will be safe from Google’s penalties.

Making the Most of Anchor Text

Knowing how to optimize anchor text will help your website’s reputation rise. Now that you have seen these methods try them and see! There is bound to be a significant difference before and after optimization.


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How to Optimize Anchor Text And Why It Matters

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