How to run a Successful Contest Campaign on Instagram?

Running a Contest Campaign on Instagram – Where to Start!

There is no straight or devised method for best marketing practices. Each business operates how it sees fit according to the target and goals. However, there are certain ways through which the efficiency and efficacy of digital campaigns are maximized. Small businesses with limited resources would tend to adopt social media means of marketing. While the approach is not limited to small businesses, per se, it does provide them with a mouthful of an audience to interact with. If you are looking for a successful contest campaign to run on Instagram, there are a few rules that you must be familiar with.

How to Run a Successful Contest Campaign on Instagram

A successful Instagram contest campaign will allow you to create an online presence, and it also serves to give something back to the community. Using the handful of rules for the Instagram contest campaign, you will be able to score a pretty good chance to create awareness of the product or service. The reason to follow these rules is simple; it serves as the notion to remove liability from the platform if the contest does not go through. Nonetheless, there is some legalese that you should take note of before you head on to create the campaign.

  1. The Instagram Contest will be held at your cost
  2. No aid from the platform
  3. Inaccurate tagging is something that you should avoid.
  4. Any risk involved will be borne by the party and not Instagram

Once all the rules and regulations are set, a business should draft its objectives and operate strictly in achieving them. Before we build a solid Instagram contest campaign, businesses must develop an idea of proceeding with the contest. There are several ways by which the Instagram contest campaign will go through. If you are unfamiliar, some of the ideas are as follows.

  • Instagram Contest through Stories
  • Collaboration with different or related brands
  • Contest through UGC or User Generated Content
  • Tagging your followers
  • Like, Comment, and Follow

The ideas mentioned above have their own set of differences and can bolster different sets of goals. If you want your followers to increase and the user interaction with your Instagram page, you should opt for the last option. UGC basically allows you to interact with your followers – you ask them to provide content, and as a result, you choose who the winner is with a prize.

How to Run a Successful Instagram Contest

Once you are familiar with the idea you want to proceed with, continue reading and create a successful Instagram contest for positive results.

  1. Define Objectives of the Contest

Are you running the contest to get more followers, orders, or content for your page? Defining objectives for Instagram would allow you to judge if it was successful or not. Always keep the objectives on the table and proceed accordingly.

  1. Method to Enter the Instagram Contest

The basic question is to define a way for users and viewers to enter the contest. It should be straightforward. The more complexities and complications there are, the less likely it is for users to be involved.

  1. Duration of the Contest

Once you have selected a way for users to enter, decide how long the contest should last. It should be a reasonable amount of time. It should not be too short for it not to make an impact, and it should also not be too long that users forget about it.

  1. Hashtag for Campaign

It is totally up to you if you want to use a hashtag or not. However, using it does not harm the content and only brings in more people. In addition, a business can also easily receive updates through the hashtag in comments, stories, and posts.

  1. Prize for the Instagram Contest Winner

Once everything is set in place, choose what you want to give back to your followers. You need to opt for a prize that users would love to have. A prize will persuade them to enter the contest. You must be familiar with the target audience, and choosing a prize for their age would make more sense. It could be an electronic device like an iPad or a MacBook.

  1. Design your Posts and Stories

Designing your stories with a theme so you can promote the Instagram contest on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter should be opted for. Following a certain theme would allow you to post content based on the platform with a certain text, image, or video format.

  1. Launch

You have now successfully launched an Instagram contest that will create awareness for your brand. A successful Instagram contest also serves as a way to interact with users. It is quite simple, and all you have to do is keep an eye out. The rest is done; launch the Instagram Contest, keep an eye out for user feedback, and answer any potential questions you might have.

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How to Run a Successful Contest Campaign on Instagram

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