Interactive Content Strategy for SEO in 2023

How positive are you in the SEO and interactive content strategy of your brand? Technology is driving content marketing to adapt year after year. What was necessary for much of 2022 may only be a footnote in 2023. What’s good about a brand if it doesn’t support solid interactive marketing?

A seller will deliver good quality, but if their product fails to raise awareness, it is doubtful that any sales goals will be met. In a world where two-thirds of the population is already related, it is important to implement strategies to transform digital marketing in 2021.

Voice Search Content

The power of voice searching continues to grow. Alexa & Google Voice tech is in front of you. How do voice commands contribute to an SEO trend? Well, search engine marketing is slowly shifting to voice. Here’s why.

Media analytics firm Comscore predicts that half of all online searches will be made through voice by 2022, while Gartner predicts that in the same year, 30% of online searches will be made on devices without a screen. This suggests an enormous rise in voice search, as well as the increased adoption of smart speakers (Source)

Optimizing voice search is a must for content marketers in 2023. Here are some important observations to consider while creating a voice keywords strategy.

  •       Emphasis on the use of natural language term keywords
  •       Keeping it basic and simple

Immersive & Interactive Content Strategy

What kind of immersive content should be considered? Something that encourages a person to take action counts: tests, calculators, quizzes, games, and material are prime examples. Interactive versions of E-books, info-graphics, look-books, and white papers can also be developed.

Interactive content is more call-to-action friendly and catches the user’s attention fairly quickly.

Graphical Optimization

Photos play a key role in optimizing the user experience of tourists to your site. The chances are that you spend a lot of time choosing the best photos to complement your blog entries, product profiles, and other relevant pages on your site. But do you spend the same amount of time optimizing the photos on your site? When used correctly, photos will add to the overall SEO of your web and improve organic traffic. 

  1. Name your images descriptively and in plain language. You can do that in the “Edit Image” option.
  2. Optimize your alt attributes carefully. Put your focus keyword as an alt tag. It works well for the page.
  3. Choose your image dimensions and product angles wisely. A larger file will take longer to load, hence negatively affecting the SEO.
  4. Reduce the file size of your images. Use tools like GT Matrix to find out the images that need resizing.
  5. Choose the right file type. PNG is preferred for the web.
  6. Optimize your thumbnails for different screen sizes.
  7. Use image sitemaps for structuring.

The world of digital marketing is entirely transforming how companies meet their target market. Here, we have outlined the most likely patterns to dominate the digital marketing landscape in 2021 while evaluating the possibilities that newer developments have created for different industries. If you arent already, start adding interactive strategies to your search engine optimization strategy. 

Get in touch with one of our SEO specialists and discuss your next interactive SEO strategy.


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Interactive Content Strategy for SEO in 2021

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