Is SEO Marketing Beneficial in a country like Pakistan?


Is SEO Marketing Effective in Pakistan? We will try to answer the most daunting question, ‘Is SEO Marketing Beneficial in a Country like Pakistan?’ Search engines have become the most effective solution to finding things online, with Search Engine Optimization enhancing the visibility of a specific website in your search results. Since its development and continuous improvement, SEO is making it easy for traffic to flow organically by increasing the site’s ranking.

In developing countries like Pakistan, Google is the most used search engine. As a result, businesses in Pakistan rely on the Google search engine to get their customers. The growth in search engine knowledge and benefits has led to increasing SEO demands, especially when expanding traffic to a particular site. This has led to the drastic increase in SEO experts in Pakistan, which is a marketable and promising career choice for people in the country.

Furthermore, with most businesses moving into the online space and setting up websites, the need for developers who are capable of setting up an efficient SEO campaign is growing. This indicates that SEO marketing has a bright future in Pakistan, especially with the migration of businesses to the internet.


The Mobile Phone Market in Pakistan

Pakistan ranked #21 on the list of countries with the most penetration of mobile devices amongst the masses. This is fascinating growth if we compare the countries’ dynamics with other growing countries. But, of course, in 2019, Pakistan had 32.5 million smartphone users, which is only 16% of the total population, which shows a great scope of opportunity still to be explored.

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The more the mobile penetration, the higher the trend diverted to the use of search engines in everyday lives. Smart businesses sensed this growth recently and are pushing extremely hard to get the early mover’s advantage.

In the years to come, the e-commerce markets in Pakistan are looking promising as well. Many big players, including Amazon, are trying to get the share of the pie.

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Why SEO marketing is promising in Pakistan

Unlike western nations, getting SEO to work well is less costly because freelancers and companies do it from Pakistan. Due to Pakistan companies’ low cost of SEO work, many countries globally are outsourcing their projects to Pakistan freelancers and organizations that offer these services. As a result, the government is becoming a technology hub in terms of SEO set up for many companies globally. As most countries outsource SEO projects to Pakistan, it is becoming a lucrative career for most people compared to other IT-oriented jobs. This gives Pakistan a natural edge on developing an SEO-related workforce for the future.

Statistics show that the SEO industry spent close to $79 billion in 2020, which is surprisingly a substantial amount of money for a developing digital marketing strategy. Since a lot of SEO is being outsourced to Pakistan, there is no doubt that the future is bright for professionals operating in digital marketing. However, Pakistan lacks sufficient institutions to train many people in that field, which can deter the progress of SEO marketing compared to other countries in the West and the Far East.

SEO is growing exponentially as most businesses are set to transition to online marketing, requiring many experts in that particular field. So if Pakistan grows its SEO sector by increasing the number of experts, there’s no doubt that it will be a great source of revenue and stability.

Hope you got a jest of the answer to the question, ‘Is SEO Marketing Beneficial in a Country like Pakistan?’. If you have more questions on any related topic, feel free to reach out to us.


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SEO Marketing Beneficial in Pakistan

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