The Role of Google My Business (GMB) in SEO

Google My Business is a way to list your business on Google and even interact with customers using Google Maps. Did you know that the role of Google My Business is not a small one, and it can actually boost your SEO? In this article, we will examine how this is the case.

The Role of Google My Business for Great SEO

Yes, it’s true. GMB does impact SEO, especially Local SEO. This is by far the most useful online directory your business can have. There are a number of ways that you can use GMB to list your business on Google, and other than interacting with customers, there are some neat functions most people do not know about. A GMB listing appears on Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and even normal Search results.

Most popular mapping apps in the United States by monthly users

Most popular mapping apps in the United States as of April 2018, by monthly usersExciting New Features for GMB

Over the years, Google has added some new features to GMB, and anyone can use them for good SEO rankings and results. First, you should claim your business on GMB as soon as you can. Make sure to complete anything Google asks for. One problem is that others can edit the information, so checking it regularly is a must. Contribution to the app as a user is as important as using it for your business.

Some of the other functions you can use for good SEO are booking, making posts, messaging, Q&A, online reviews, and more.

All of these can be SEO optimized so that Search directs them to your listing and therefore your business.

Is GMB Right for You?

That is a huge amount of tricks you can use, do not you think? And can you believe it is all free of cost? Who knew the role of Google My Business was so important? We hope you find this information useful, and you can finally see your business rank highly!

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The Role of Google My Business (GMB) in SEO

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