Google Web Page Insights and how do they affect SEO?

What is Google Web Page Insights, and how do they affect SEO rankings?

Speed is quite essential for a website. It’s so significant that Google has made itself an actual ranking factor. Over time, by offering a range of tools for developers and webmasters, Google has taken steps to boost websites’ loading speed. Google lighthouse is one of these methods. But how does the Google Web Page Insights tool work effectively? And, more significantly, is page speed impacting SEO?


Google Web Page Insights     

Page-speed insight is an online tool developed by Google used on sites to identify problems with web performance. While mainly related to technical SEO problems, the tools often evaluate the web from a user interface and usability point of view. You can enter the URL there, and the tool will give back a page with several results based on your website’s performance after just a few seconds. There will be a general ranking at the top, which is an average of different variables.


Mobile vs. Desktop  

Google will offer two scores when you insert a page to test it: one for the mobile version and another for the desktop version. At first, only one score was provided by the page-speed tool for desktop edition. But lately, it has become increasingly popular for smartphone use. As of 2018, on mobile devices, more than 50% of search engine users are looking. So it did make sense for them to evaluate mobile versions for speed first, as google moved to a mobile-first index.


The first outcome you’ll get when you use the page-speed insights tool is mobile speed. This indicates that on a mobile connexion, probably with a 4 g connexion, your website has been tested, as it appears to become the most popular speed. However, it is important to remember that many mobile users worldwide still only receive a 3G signal. Yet, they still expect the website to load quickly, although they have a slower connexion speed.


The score is greater on the desktop, as the connexion speed is higher. With light and fiber optics, that is just the thing.   So the site goes through that kind of test, but it’s mainly the speed of connexion that varies. That’s why cell phones arrive first since mobile devices typically have slower connexions.


What exactly is page speed?    

Okay, so we realize what the instrument does: it provides the score based on how quickly your site thinks it is. So what is page speed exactly? Page speed is the speed at which your website loads an actual page. Owing to variables such as photos and scripts, different pages may have different speeds. Google web page insights are the most authentic source of website speed monitoring.

Speed is relative

It relies on too many variables, such as the quality of the website, the performance of the server, the individual web page on which you are, the type of access, the internet service provider of the user, the internet plan, the computing power of the computer, the browser, what the user is doing at that moment, how many applications are running, and too on. We can only operate with what we can work with, though our blog and server. We don’t have command of the rest.


Does the web page insights affect SEO? Are 100/100 speed insights score essential?

The basic response is that SEO is influenced by page speed. Page speed is indeed a direct ranking factor, a fact that has been recognized even better since the google speed update algorithm. Speed, though, can also indirectly impact rankings by increasing the bounce rate and reducing dwelling time. Users appear first, at google. Google research indicates that the average load time of 3 g is prolonged. They as well show that, after about 3 seconds, users leave the site.


Get help from the experts

Compared to other websites, web-speed analytics will help you easily understand what sort of experience people have on your web. It also tells you precisely what problems are slowing down your site and how to fix them. This is a part of search engine optimization as quality content to fix those problems and improve page speed. But the world’s best content apparently can’t be read if people don’t stick around to load it. If you are facing problems and have low page-speed insight ratings, feel free to contact us.


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What are Google Page Speed Insights and how do they affect SEO rankings?

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