Why do you need to focus more on Mobile SEO in 2023?

Mobile SEO – refers to the search engine optimization of websites combined with flawless viewing on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the increasing boom of portable devices, web admins should be highly concerned with their mobile SEO plan. After all, more than 50% of Internet users now report surfing websites through their mobile devices daily.

Top 2022 SEO Trends You Need To Be Ready For:

To help you stay on top of the latest SEO evolutions and ensure that you see positive results from your SEO strategy. Here is a look at the SEO trends that will have the most significant impact in 2023.



Nearly 60% of the pages ranking in the top 10 Google results are 3 or more years old (Ahrefs)

Artificial Intelligence has Entered the Game.

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to change how people interact with content online. AI will also begin to play a vital role in SEO strategy.

Particularly noteworthy is Google’s RankBrain, which will likely become one of the most important ranking factors for Google’s search engine results pages in 2023. Since Google revealed RankBrain, many businesses have wondered how this will affect mobile SEO.

Experts believe that user experience is one of its primary ranking factors. The number of time users spends on a website will be a critical factor that RankBrain will use when prioritizing content.

Changes In The SEO Process As AI Steps Into The Market.


LaMDA: Google Taking Things to the Next Level 

Regarding mobile SEO trends, I’m sure you have heard a lot about voice search and the importance of optimizing for user questions. Google is changing its algorithm to please the latest voice-based technologies.

Google also unveiled LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) during the I/O conference. As its name suggests, LaMDA is a machine-learning model designed for dialogue and built on Transformer, Google’s own neural network architecture.

LaMDA is only a part of Google’s entire strategy. You can expect more extensive and advanced AI models that use conversational queries to find pages and rank them. If you haven’t started optimizing your website for voice search, the time is now.


Long And Quality Content

Among the SEO trend expectations in 2022, long content will positively affect your mobile SEO score. This is a result of observations over time rather than an estimate.

Over time, it became clear that longer content (as long as it’s engaging and good quality) generates more traffic. Therefore, focus on preparing comprehensive, relevant, long, and quality content when preparing your content.

Of course, while doing this, remember that the writing should be engaging as much as possible.


Mobile-Friendly Content

People now prefer to connect to the internet with a phone or tablet instead of sitting at the computer. The number is so high that it is known that more than half of internet usage is made by mobile users.

In addition, with the mobile-first indexing announced by Google in 2019, it is known that any site that does not have mobile support is of no value to Google.

Considering these, it is necessary to have a mobile-friendly website in 2022 to rank higher in search engines. That’s where mobile SEO will work.



Remember that mobile SEO requirements are constantly changing, and you have to change yourself since you are part of the internet. Thus, you can achieve higher results in SERP rankings and continue to grow your business in 2022.

Knowing the 2023 mobile SEO trends will benefit your website and business besides achieving higher rankings. These benefits include keeping up with the latest Google algorithm updates and providing the best user experience.

However, in a scenario where you do not apply current SEO trends, you may be overthrown, and your competitors will overtake you.

2022 SEO trends will be the dominator factor in SEO studies that will help your website and business expand.

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