Why Utah is the Best State to do Digital Marketing right now?

Not just digital marketing, Utah is leading the country with many amazing opportunities in the post-pandemic world.

Why Utah is the best state to do digital marketing right now

In the past decade, Utah, which is also referred to as Salt Lake City, had the highest growth rate in Information Technology employment by making a remarkable increase of up to 46.6%. This was higher than any other state, confirmed by two leading publications in tech across the US. With the increase in IT employment, job opportunities in the industry shot up to almost 50,000 jobs over the last ten years.

➤ Tech jobs to grow more in Utah than any other state

With the rise of new technology in the state, Utah has seen the total number of employees operating in tech-related organizations increase to 150,000, comprising 9.4% of the entire workforce in the state. Digital marketers have noticed the upward trend that the tech industry is taking in Utah, making it a suitable place to venture as a digital marketer.

Reasons for Conducting Digital Marketing In Utah are Obvious, but kets discuss them.

A vast market for startups and VC funding

Most companies that started at the beginning of the new century experienced hurdles that made it challenging to grow steadily. However, technology advancements in the last decade saw most venture capitalist activities increase and startup companies raise over $1 billion, historic. In 2017, Utah startup companies and businesses experienced an increase in B2B enterprises and health care IT, among other vital sectors.

Availability of a local skilled workforce

Many tech leaders in Utah accredit the steady growth in tech to the solid local workforce as a critical contributor in the industry. For example, the head of SkullyLand moved the company from Portland to Utah mainly because the talent pool was strong and the business environment was conducive and friendly.

Since then, most tech companies have been outsourcing their talent from Utah. One of the tech giants that attests to this is Adobe, which planned on increasing its Silicon Slopes and gave the most opportunities to Utah. However, there’s something special about Utah’s workforce that makes digital marketing more efficient and effective.

Lenient Government Policies

The local government has made it its mission to ease restrictions by offering post-performance tax to a group of organizations that meet particular criteria. The Governor’s office has also helped local and state organizations established in the city by recruiting a team whose purpose is to assist such organizations categorized according to Software and Information Technology, aerospace and defense, life services, finance services, and outdoor recreation.

Why Utah is the Best State to do Digital Marketing Right Now?

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Unlike other tech hubs in the country, Utah offers much cheaper services than all the rest. According to a report made by CBRE, Utah is among the most affordable cities for tech companies to conduct their operations. Digital marketers are flocking the city due to the massive opportunity for people in the tech industry. Unlike other cities, employees in digital marketing earn $100,000 more than other employees annually.

The growth of tech companies in Utah has increased the number of people venturing into the industry, making it a suitable hub for digital marketing strategies and solutions. The steady growth and lenient policies indicate that the future is bright for tech firms, and there’s still more installed for people looking to join the booming industry.

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Why Utah is the Best State to do Digital Marketing Right Now?

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