The 2022 Google Page Experience Update & your Website

In 2022, Google announced an update for Google Search, including changes to the web page experience in rankings. The most awaited 2022 Google page experience update was finally announced. While it hasn’t been released yet, the update is expected to be implemented in May 2023. The update will be a massive game-changer for the website design domain.

What does the 2020 Google page Experience Update mean to the websites?

What is the 2022 Google Page Experience update?


First of all, we will have to define what the page experience is. Page experience is how users feel when they access a page on any website. Google collects signals from pages, recording how efficient it is for users to interact with a certain website page. The more efficient users interact with your page, the higher you score on it.

The update will incorporate page experience signals into Google Search, affecting how highly websites rank when you search for topics. This update is also aimed at making websites more mobile-friendly and helps reduce the chance of encountering malicious content. In short, the more users enjoy interacting with your page, the higher it will rank in Google Search results. You could potentially be the very first option web users see.


Who is affected?


Everyone with a website will be affected by this new change. Webmasters with pages that have previously ranked high might find that their pages have dropped immensely afterward. Lower-ranking websites may even jump up in the rankings. With a new variable added into Google Search, website owners and makers will have to adapt and fight for the top spot on the first page of the search.

Any SEO company will pay close attention to the update, because when May 2021 arrives, the company must be prepared to learn how to rank highly. Other than keywords and content, websites will have to take accessibility into account. This means improved landing pages, buttons, navigation, and forms for users to use. It’s not just about content anymore.

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What does the 2020 Google page Experience Update mean to the websites?

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